Shift to scaling sales unmistakably!

of your properties across the globe

The Tool is for a entire sales-network and sales-forces to send digitized assets into customers' palms with absolute zero delays in their waits, across the Globe despite time-zones.
And with instant updates!
Messaging experience with ZELAYS becoming your salespeople' selling know-how across the Globe!
  • Complete developer's portfolio absolutely unbranded
  • Full set of sales-related data at their fingertips 24x7x365
  • Live availability updates and prices at every timezone over the Globe
  • Overwhelming projects knowledge-base they ever couldn't know — is a sales know-how now!
  • Detailed features of locations motivate clients promptly to schedule viewings
  • Ease of smart deep search & filtration for sellable units
  • Each development' project exhaustive details
  • Each unit breakdowns and floor-plans
  • Any PDF file attachment available unbranded
  • The whole set of photo-galleries, 3D images or VR-walkthrough
  • Image & Video Galleries
  • Precise Map Location
  • Projects Site-Plans
  • Per Unit Floor-Plans
  • Indoor & Air Panos
  • Immersive VR Scenes
  • Location Highlights
  • PDF Attachments
  • What the Ultimate Clients will get from your Partners via ZELAYS?
    • Device-agnostic solution
    • Perfecty fits any Desktoptop and Mobile device
    • Every aspect of your Development project
    • Whole set of marketing to make a right decition
    What your selesforces will gain from ZELAYS toolset?
    An absolute device-agnostic solution works perfecty on Desktopto and Mobile devices
    Next viewing scheduled! 📆 🤩
    Thanks to a brand-new intelligent professional tool ZELAYS
    It's a true hard challenge to follow the sales plan
    What is your COVID'19 & post-COVID'19 strategy
    in a way to support

    Instant Replies with Proposals — is the new competitive edge in every sales-funnel, are in the highest demand and motivates real dealmakers.

    In this crucial days, more than ever before — your salespeople could do much more for your net sales staying 100% remote.

    Give them the right sales-tool!

    Employ the brand-new handy sales-tool to give everyone an explicit chance, a superpower to close more deals for you!

    Let them secure more scheduled viewings via the channel of customers choice!
    Occupy the momentum of investors' intention!
    When others' sales reps "working",
    yours — instantly selling your projects!
    Seize your next offline real viewings generated via this tool' shares!
    Got the clue for winning more deals soon?
    We had live on our phones and in on-demand world
    And more than ever its important to your sales reps' to receive timely information and critical updates.
    What do we solve?
    Find your remote sales partners on the left side
    😎 Got the Reuquest from client
    😎 Request for deatils / clarity / updates
    😎 Await of response from property vendor
    😎 Got the details
    😎 Downloaded it to PC/Tablet
    😎 Mixed up and rework sources to presentable format
    😎 Rendered and sent to client
    😎 Waited for an appointment inquiry
    😎 Investor says - Time is passed and he already scheduled appointments.
    😎 Realized, the deal will not happen
    😎 Get no commission
    😎 Got the Reuquest from client
    😎 Served the client instantly
    😎 Make and appointmnt
    😎 Closes a deal
    😎 Everyone are in profit.
    ZELAYS Digitizes your Entire Portfolio
    This enables literally anyone to sell,
    which ultimately generates you revenue!
    Your entire Portfolio Digitized to bring it to the edge of decision-making persona
    This App is an absolute relationship game-changer in your supportive provisioning to your sales partners.

    Locally and across the Globe!
    Generating new referral deals has never been that easy
    Enabling your 📈 sales remotely
    How can we start, if not from ZERO!
    free account
    Sales Tool
    Free iOS App &
    Cloud Functions
    Apple Store
    x1 Office Location and Address
    x1 Admin Role Account
    x1 Development Project in Portfolio with Unlimited Data-Set

    Free Managed Data-Upload Service Enabled

    UNLIMITED Sellable Units per Project with Unlimited Data-Set
    Tool enables self-branding: per of your sales-persons, as well as each of your sales-network mates. Every sales-person free to obtain a PRO.Broker type of personal account.
    Unlimited number of sales-partners across the Globe within Pro App
    network support
    SAVE €1'920
    onboarding price offer
    Handy Sales Tool &
    PRO Cloud Functions
    Apple Store
    free app incl.
    Google Play Store
    Unlimited Offices across the World, different Phones, Locations, Address
    Unlimited Portfolio of Development Projects, Units and accompanied Data-Sets.
    Unlimited number of sales-partners across the Globe within Pro App.
    Individual WWW-pages: per each of Project or Unit, available as unbranded landing page well designed for Mobile and Desktop, to be directed to ultimate customer
    Tool enables self-branding: per of your sales-persons, as well as each of your sales-network mates. Every sales-person free to obtain a PRO.Broker type of personal account.
    Unique QR-codes per Person, Project, Unit, Article, News or Event to share across Offline and Online activities
    Unique Smart-Links per Person, Project, Unit, Article, News or Event, discoverable in Messengers and Social Networks
    Printable Signs-Links high-distance recognizable to expose at hyperlocal level
    direct sales
    pro networking
    Own Branded App &
    PRO Cloud Functions
    Apple Store
    Google Play Store

    from €1688 one-off for branded App Publishing under your Corporate App Store Accounts

    Ask a Quote on Branded Apps

    We Publish Promotable Corporate App in both Apple and Android App Stores

    and much more...

    Complete Customization Enabled
    Run sales smarter with right tools now, not tomorrow!
    Your partners' and customers' daily routine are on the go, and they are entirely mobile!
    ZELAYS is yours know-how to catch up!
    Feel uncertainty!? See this  click to see Forbes&tm; article article.
    Questions and answers
    Powerful features built for the conversion
    driven companies of tomorrow.
    How to fit our portfolio into this smart sales tool?
    We serve data upload in two ways:
    1. programmatic, to proceed contact, or
    2. human-controlled, as self-service or via Initial Data Upload Service.
    Gladly to say — human-controlled upload will cost you absolute zero. Yes, absolutely free of charge, reliably, fast and secure.
    For self-service, you have to appoint a back-office team member to use our user-friendly interface, while much better is to rely on us, through Initial Data Upload Service

    Some fair-usage policies applied to 100% Free accounts:
    • Free Sales Tool plan: we offer initial data-upload of the most sellable project.
    • PRO Networking plan: while on Trial we offer managed data upload for x3 (three) of the most sellable development projects (to unlock Initial Data Upload Service - just make a payment for the first quarter).
    What about instant delivery if any updates?
    To deliver updates towards the sales partners over the Globe just 👉PUSH those updates to our Data Nursing Service
    to avoid any delays with on-time data update deliverance.

    Do such updates once it caused, and ultimately the best way to do that — via self-service you convey incremental updates by using the friendly interface in real-time.
    Yet Data Nursing Service is a good option if no Network Growth responsible person in your Team.
    How many corporate members are on our Plan?
    By using Invitation function you may add into your Company's Peoples list as much Corporate members as needed. Authenticated invitees will be granted with Free Personal Accounts with role "Member".

    The initial Corporate Account' person with role "Admin" remain a sole person who managed the Corporate Account.

    The Admin is a persona-based account, which accompanies your corporate account and would not be billed monthly as well as any other personal free accounts, which were invited.

    The Personal Accounts
    profiles feature would be interested in each of your sales-force members. Become remembered, sound bold and impress all with unique and useful features, which emphasises the expertise of a person and entitles em as tech-backed and most advanced Sales Person your customers and partners definitely would be in love.
    Do free Trial option available to test functionality?
    Sure. No upfront costs during the Trial period of 14 days while checking tech. The Trial period starts once we uploaded your current sellable property stock. Just after, let us know you'll become ready to commercially employ the full power of the true native sales mobility while your daily routine.

    Contribute such a sales-machine tool to the hands of your well-formed selected network of sales partners across the Globe, to check they becoming happier and confident about making more sales easier than earlier.

    Sense another dimension and collaborate on-the-go. Feel yourself #proptech backed. Drop your partners' all monkey job as a daily routine, which they were involved in during the past several years. Let them sales-power in!
    What is your refund policy?
    A full refund is acceptable. No strings attached. You are eligible to cancel a paid plan within the current full billing period (usually 30 days from the date of purchase) to receive a full month refund.
    For more information, or to request a refund, contact
    Could I send PUSH notifications during Trial access?
    Capabilities of custom & programmatic PUSH notifications are available for commercial customers within the service of customized branded apps.